Things that you need to do to be an excellent client to your companion

Be punctual

Meet at the exact time you agreed upon. If you have to be late, make sure you call to let her know. But you must remember that she/he is on the payroll. If you get to your date late, stick to the time you had agreed. If you need to spend more time with them, ask, and if he/she agrees, you have to pay for the extra hours or minutes at the same rate you had agreed upon. If you must reschedule your date, make it early enough. Do not inconvenience her.

Make sure you pay her in advance and don’t forget to tip

You should give her the money as soon as you meet. Do not hand the money directly. Put it someplace she can see or a place you had previously agreed upon. Do not at all cost refer to the money as her payment, if you must mention it, call it a gift. Remember to tip. A tip will make the person know that you enjoyed their company. The tip can be any amount.

Respect your companion and ask them if they would like to be reviewed

You are dealing with a real human being. Treat them with respect and utmost dignity. Be kind. Your companion has his or her preferences, do not assume that they like dirty talks or anything for that matter, read the signs and ask politely if you must. When it comes to reviewing (if you have the permission to go ahead) be discrete and truthful. Do not exaggerate as this will make other clients expect thighs they cannot get.

Bring a gift to your meeting

Meet your companion in a restaurant for dinner or coffee. This will make them feel more comfortable around you and appreciated. During your date/meeting, bring a gift. If you do not know much about your escort, bring a universal gift like wine. But you can also research them to know what they like. A gift will put you in a good place. You can also ask what you companion likes before your actual meeting.

As you plan to get an escort for yourself, remember that the travel companions are brilliant, suited for almost every social gathering and business meetings. They are also good looking physical. This can be intimidating, but they are there to help you out, to take off some pressure from you.